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What organic and cognitive forces have formed humankind's musical habit and the wealthy international repertoire of musical constructions? what's song for, and why does each human tradition have it? What are the common gains of tune and musical habit throughout cultures? during this groundbreaking booklet, musicologists, biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, ethologists, and linguists come jointly for the 1st time to envision those and comparable matters. The publication may be seen as representing the beginning of evolutionary biomusicology -- the learn of with a purpose to give a contribution significantly to our realizing of the evolutionary precursors of human track, the evolution of the hominid vocal tract, localization of mind functionality, the constitution of acoustic-communication indications, symbolic gesture, emotional manipulation via sound, self-expression, creativity, the human affinity for the non secular, and the human attachment to tune itself.

ContributorsSimha Arom, Derek Bickerton, Steven Brown, Ellen Dissanayake, Dean Falk, David W. Frayer, Walter Freeman, Thomas Geissmann, Marc D. Hauser, Michel Imberty, Harry Jerison, Drago Kunej, François-Bernard Mâche, Peter Marler, Björn Merker, Geoffrey Miller, Jean Molino, Bruno Nettl, Chris Nicolay, Katharine Payne, Bruce Richman, Peter J.B. Slater, Peter Todd, Sandra Trehub, Ivan Turk, Maria Ujhelyi, Nils L. Wallin, Carol Whaling.

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